One grammatical error on your company's website can send potential clients straight to your competition.

You've invested in your company, hired the best web designers and now you realize you either don't have the time to write the web content that will draw customers to your site or maybe writing excellent web copy isn't exactly how you envisioned spending your time. And content marketing, while not an exact science, certainly has nuances that can either draw readers and convert them to paying customers or have no effect at all because of keyword placement, the absence of a strong headline, meta description or countless other reasons. 

 * Please Note

You retain all ownership rights of any content I provide. Authored pieces or ghostwritten - all rights transfer in their totality to you. 

Although I absolutely support our Constitutional right to speak freely, please do not contact me with requests for content that are overtly sexual in tone, illegal, racist, derogatory or hate-filled towards any racial, social or ethnic group.  
If it's something I wouldn't want my own mother to read, odds are, I won't write it.

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Donna rose to our lead counsel's expectations and delivered everything even before her deadlines. She used a great writing style that was casual but professional. I'm sorry it took us so long to find her.  Constance M., Birmingham AL

This lady makes the entire profession look good. Thank you Donna. Steven E, Oklahoma City

The Michael Jordan of writing -- D.A. Atlanta Georgia

I actually hired Donna to edit a dissertation for me. The changes she recommended really polished what I ultimately submitted. Her help was spot on and her rates were great too. 

​We expect to contract with this writer for many years. In four years, she has not missed a single cutoff time and the edits are minimal. She has been and continues to be an asset to our projects and our company. Andy T. Atlanta

The grant you submitted was perfect. They don't have a single edit to make. You really brought this home for us, Donna. - Beatrice S, UK

Please don't ever retire. I don't know what we would do if you weren't a part of our team, Main Street Sports


In 2000, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there were approximately 41,000 freelance writers in the U.S. By 2006, that number exploded to more than 135,000. 

There is one new blog added every single second of every single day and 21 million websites that are brought live each year. 

These facts speak volumes about the importance of having a solid online presence and it also provides insight into how relevant the web is in our modern society. It's never been more important to hire an experienced  writer the first time; one who is established and has a complete understanding of trends, including the new Google algorithms. I'm committed to seeing your projects through to perfection.
I'm a published professional freelance writer with 
more than thirteen years experience. In 2008, 
I made the decision to write full-time in an 
effort to further my career objectives and 
I've yet to look back. Since becoming a 
full-time professional writer, I've created a 
solid suite of services for my clients, 
including creating newsletters, writing 
SEO content for their websites that is 
both relevant and targeted specifically to 
their products or services and I've also 
gained clients who continue to rely 
on me for all of their blogging needs. 

I've completed fiction and non-fiction projects and have provided creative as well as technical writing projects on a wide range of topics. My clients span the globe, from the U.S. to the UK and beyond.  

I'm available at your convenience to discuss your writing needs.Feel free to contact me via email- or via Skype - my ID is djmcgill.  For copies of my printed works, please contact me.

With more than 13 years experience, including providing web content for 200+ sites, authoring more than 20 e-books and countless articles, newsletters, white papers, tutorials, blogs and columns, I bring to the table a strong writing "voice" in a number of industries. The rules have changed and today's writers who contribute to a company's online presence must understand how SEO and SEM work. In fact, a writer who doesn't understand these dynamics can actually cause a company's search engine ranking to fall. For these reasons, and many more, it's never been more important to focus on quality and experience. I offer both. Your requests are met with a commitment to meet your deadlines while staying within your budget. 

Browse my portfolio, take a look around and feel free to contact me for a quote or if you'd like to discuss your project.
This is when the decision is made to consider hiring an experienced freelance writer. It's now simply a matter of locating a small writing firm that can meet your needs with excellent research, editing and writing skills - all within budget and on time. ​Want proof? Read what others have to say.